Application of protective switch
Application of protective switch

Talking about control and protection switch electric appliance and its application in explosion proof electric appliance
Control and protective switching devices in 80s with integrated electric high-speed development of Mechatronics Industry the emergence of a new type of low-voltage power distribution and motor control system in the past, circuit breaker, contactor, thermal relay, control and protection of the isolator in one set, to solve the problem of coordination between the various electrical appliances, modular structure a variety of functions, any combination, can also with the computer (or) is directly connected with the AC / DC transfer function, realize the distribution system and the motor (or electricity) such as single control and centralized control. This paper focuses on the analysis of application in explosion-proof electrical in the 1 Characteristics and development of control and protection switch brings together the advantages of discrete components and overcome their shortcomings, multifunctional integrated electric single structure of the modular components, provides the basis for a new ideal for low-voltage distribution and control system. Characteristics of multi function, and has continuous performance, no need of maintenance can be put into use in breaking short-circuit current, it is with continuous performance breaking fault, specifically stated as: in the short-circuit current (rated short-circuit current) after the test, still has the electric life 6000 times above, this is system composed of discrete devices are difficult to achieve.
Talk about the control and protective switching device and its application in the "explosion-proof electrical explosion-proof electrical apparatus" 2006, 3 control and protective switch is at the beginning of 60s by the French company started to develop, mainly by electromagnetic instantaneous release and thermal bimetal overload release of delay (rated current is 40 - 50). At the beginning of 7S, the Japanese households on the company produced by the circuit breaker and contactor (rated voltage 440550, rated current 25~150, operating frequency 1200 / / mechanical life 5 million times, electrical life 50 thousand times). After entering the 9s, the French company produced a new high breaking capacity, high integration, modular combination, multi-functional control and protection switch. Once the product was released, it showed great advantages and had a wide market. Today, second generations of products have been developed. The latter is characterized by modern communication technologies, such as field bus interface, microelectronic technology, such as controller and microprocessor, and new materials, such as insulation and contact materials.
Since the beginning of 8s, the first generation product line has been developed by such units as Shanghai Institute of electrical appliances and so on. It has passed the expert appraisal organized by the Ministry of machinery industry in May 1996. In recent years, according to the needs of the market and the development of new technology, and based on the original series of 32 and 63 of two typical products by adding specifications, application of new technology extension, development of - (a) a series of intelligent communication products, enhance the level of product technology and application. The direct start, reversible control, dual speed control, delta decompression, autotransformer, resistance of decompression, using integrated design of electric products such as different types of double power conversion, provides a complete intelligent solutions for the different needs of users. 2 basic structure and main characteristics in China in 1996 to develop and produce the series as an example, it is the overall structure of the form to the contactor as the main body, the framework of current (vheating current) was 32, 63 and two kinds of specifications, the main structure is: isolator circuit breaker contactor starter + + +. The modular structure, and the auxiliary contact and signal alarm contact, range leakage protector, buckle device, undervoltage protector or shunt tripping device, AC / DC conversion control and low level amplifier interface and other modules, can achieve short circuit and low voltage distribution systems of motor overload, under pressure and various leakage etc. protection. It has both automatic and manual operation, and can realize long distance signal transmission and microcomputer centralized control. 0 series basic parameters and main performance indexes.

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